It shouldn’t be so hard to find care. We simplify the process and identify/ mitigate the issues that make finding good eldercare a challenge. We ensure that our clients:

  • Get the right solution at the right time in the right way.
  • Don’t have to leave their homes to find what they need
  • Have access to the best medical, residential, and custodial care
  • Have access to the newest research and clinical trials
  • Have the tools to make informed decisions

We are unique: 1. We are more than an electronic phonebook. 2. We assume that our customers need professional guidance in sifting through information. Therefore, we electronically walk clients through our unique process of healthcare assessment, analysis, matching to care providers, and providing "real world" recommendations for action. We also offer an expert "help desk" of trained professionals who can, either over the Internet or via phone, assist those who are not yet computer literate. 3. We provide unbiased information. Many referral services are paid by the companies to whom they make referrals. We are not paid for "filling beds" or by commission by the care providers to whom we make referrals. We are independent and have no incentive to refer customers to one provider over another for any reason other than it being the best fit.

Sometimes we have concerns about our health or daily activities and don't always know what to do. Our friends at the BCAT have designed a series of scientifically validated self-assessments to help you and your family decide if you may have a serious problem that requires formal evaluation. If you or a loved one has a concern about memory, driving, or some other important area, complete the appropriate self-assessment questionnaire on their website at  Please note that these self-assessments do not provide actual diagnoses of medical problems.   

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worried about memory or cognition? Visit our friends at the BCAT